Successful accomplishment of online training.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we had to change the second half of our training to an online medium. Initially there was a dilemma in the execution of our training among Visually Impaired candidates. However we could accomplish the task without difficulties. As the candidates are already familiar with basic concepts of computers, it was very easy to implement the concepts of Zoom Cloud Meeting, Whatsapp, and E-mail etc. to communicate with each other. All the sessions are conducted with Zoom online platform. The notifications and guidelines are provided through Whatsapp. The finished works were collected using e-mail. The role of application called Enable India Eye tool was helpful to the self-assessment of candidates by immediate feedback. There were English and Employability sessions on a daily basis. We are thankful to the voluntary service of Teresa Madam who spends an hour every day teaching Communicative English to our candidates. With the end of July 2020, we could conduct the final examination of our candidates online and every candidate got passed when the result came. We have given extra chances to our candidates to join an advanced Excel workshop and PowerPoint arranged by KFB Youth Forum.

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