Computer Training

  • Introduction to Microsoft windows
  • Orientation of Different screen reading software like JAWS, NVDA etc.
  • MS Office Applications
  • Internet browsing, e-mailing,
  • Scanning, editing and reading books,
  • Installation of Operating system and application software
  • Installation and maintenance of PC and Network
  • Introduction to Linux & DAISY
  • Assembling the physical components of a desk top computer
  • The different computer concepts are being taught with the help of different assistive techniques like tactile diagrams, audio materials, etc


Communicative English

  • Make our students confident and efficient to communicate in good English which is very essential to make them employable.


Mobility and orientation

  • Different techniques like sighted guided technique, mobility using White cane, etc. are taught to make the students fit to walk safely and independently in different situations.

Personality development and soft skill training

  • Improve the personality and make the students acceptable and adaptable to all types of modern work environment so that they can keep up all the expected standards of behaviour in different situations.